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    New Lights Live03 Nov

    Our new high efficiency flouescent warehouse lights — each with an individual motion sensor — are lighting up the warehouse as we head into our busy season.?? Although the upfront expense is substantial, we expect a quick (and risk-free) 12 to 24 month payback in reduced electrical consumption.

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    1. Margaret

      I have had the opportunity to walk through your warehouse after the installation of the new lights. They do work very well. One by one they turn on as you walk foward. Very nice.

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    Koeze Company was founded in 1910 by my great-grandfather, Sibbele Koeze, as a wholesale grocer selling produce, butter, and eggs to small stores around Grand Rapids, Michigan.? His son, Albertus Koeze, took over the business about 1918.? In 1925 Albertus purchased a local peanut butter company, and from then until today peanut butter and roasted nuts have been part of Koeze’s.? My father and mother, A. Scott and Ruth Koeze, began making confections in the 1980’s. My mother retired in the early ’90’s, my father in the late ’90’s, and since then I (Jeff Koeze) have worked to continue our traditions of great products and great service.

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